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Heilbronn-Franken - the region of the power - Episode 4 - "glocal - global and local"
What you see here are films produced by Pakt Zukunft (alliance for the future) with the vision “to shape the future together”. Under the topic of “Living and working in the region” we introduce interesting personalities. Learn more about the makers and creators, the inventiveness and the diversity of the Heilbronn-Franken region.

Heilbronn-Franken - the region of the power  
"Episode 4 - "glocal - global and local" "

Helmut Fischer – Managing Director

Helmut Fischer is managing director of the amusement park Tripsdrill. It is his "passion" to offer people always new attractions to afford families a common fun experience.

Anja Frank – head of the test facilities department

Anja Frank heads the test facilities department at the DLR (German Center for Aviation and Space flight) in Lampoldshausen, which operates various test rigs. From an early age she took delight in the aerospace. She feels very connected to the region. International projects with different nationalities and the responsible job at the DLR provide a special attraction.

Dietmar Hofmann - expert on unripe spelt grain

Dietmar Hofmann grows Grünkern (unripe spelt grain) in biodynamic agriculture in the Main-Tauber-Kreis. He is not only successful in Germany, but he also presents his products at international trade fairs. The Franconian Grünkern has become a popular product in the Slow Food business by now.


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