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Heilbronn-Franken - the region of the power - Episode 3 - "diversity"
What you see here are films produced by Pakt Zukunft (alliance for the future) with the vision “to shape the future together”. Under the topic of “Living and working in the region” we introduce interesting personalities. Learn more about the makers and creators, the inventiveness and the diversity of the Heilbronn-Franken region.

Heilbronn-Franken - the region of the power
"Episode 3 - diversity"

Nina Hirsch – former Wine Queen and MBA in Public Administration Wine is in Nina Hirsch’s blood: the former Wine Queen’s (2012/2013) parentes operate a private winery in Leingarten, where she started to help from an early age. She performed her function as a Wine Queen "part-time" to her job at the District Office Heilbronn

Steffen Knödler - Entrepreneur

With a lot of ambition, analytical mindset and inexhaustible richness of ideas Steffen Knödler worked his way up from a secondary school student to a successful entrepreneur.He is owner of the moated castle Erkenbrechtshausen. His company "Ingenia AG" finances and implements solar parks. The company "conderro" specializes in the areas of motorsport, fleet and fleet management as well as in the trade of luxury cars. His club "Kantine 26" has established itself straight away to one of the most popular addresses in the region.

Andreas Entner -Drama educator and actor

The drama educator works at the open-air theater in Schwäbisch Hall. Before taking his decision to devote himself to the theater, he worked as an educator in the youth welfare. Today, he heads the department of educational theater and can be seen in various productions on stage. For years, he accompanies the project "Vielfalt (Diversity)", initiated by the adult education center and the International Women's Circle Schwäbisch Hall.

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