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Heilbronn-Franken - the region of the power - Episode 2 - "courage"
What you see here are films produced by Pakt Zukunft (alliance for the future) with the vision “to shape the future together”. Under the topic of “Living and working in the region” we introduce interesting personalities. Learn more about the makers and creators, the inventiveness and the diversity of the Heilbronn-Franken region.

Heilbronn-Franken - the region of the power 
Episode 2 - "courage"

Georg Denzer – retired District Administrator By chance, Georg Denzer, former head of administration of the riot police in Göppingen, came into the Heilbronn-Franken region. He became District Administrator in Tauberbischofsheim. In 2005 he retired – after 24 years.
Dominik Britsch - Boxer  The Boxer Dominik Britsch from Neckarsulm started boxing at the age of eight. 2 years later, he contested his first fights. He was IBF Junior World Champion and Intercontinental Champion of IBF middleweight.
Dr. Georg Matheis - Novalung GmbH  PD Dr. med. Georg Matheis is Managing Director of the Novalung GmbH in Heilbronn. The company focusses on therapy and aims for better solutions in the treatment of lung injury. 


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